Instead of writing

Recently (as in since April), I have been finishing off a PhD chapter about music philosophy. One of the things that I have done instead of actually writing is to start printing cyanotypes. I have been reading various different pages about how to do it and the thing that strikes me is that they are all telling you how to do it well. That is not an obvious problem but on reflection I think that it is not the best way to go about getting someone started. Thinking about it from a musical standpoint, what is lacking is a gradation of content – you start with a basic technique and gradually refine it.

Much of the learning process is gaining experience and there are plenty of times where striving to do everything perfectly first or second time is counter-productive, even to the point of discouraging someone into abandoning the task too soon (or even before starting).

Far better would be to present minimal information, just enough to get some kind of image. Once that is achieved, the refinement can start.