I’m really pleased that my album is now out in the wild on Fearful Owl Records via bandcamp.

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Released 13 Dec 2016 : enquiries to fearful.owl.records at

 Fearful Owl Records is proud to present its first release – “The unquickening pace”, the debut recording of experimental viola da gamba player Max Hummus.

“The unquickening pace” is an album of stream-of-consciousness musicking. It is an exciting mix of different aspects of the instrument’s personality and history, combining conventional and unconventional sounds, some harmony, some noise and many mixtures – arresting fanfares, difference tones, ethereal incidental oscillations,  instrumental resonance, bow chiff, a song without melody, and quiet noise.

The recording has been engineered to reveal the quiet sounds that inhabit the instrument’s sonic halo, there are hidden sparkles for the attentive listener.

It is unadorned viola da gamba as you have (maybe) never heard it before.